Prime Canadian, your partner in efficient property management offers a large variety of services at the highest standards.

Our experience in managing residential town houses and apartments, commercial buildings, office buildings and even industrial parks guarantees spotless service however challenging the job. We are also qualified to help with project management and other real estate business should you need our services.


Our service is an ongoing commitment and we strive to excel. The leasing service we offer is a great tool if you want results while keeping peace of mind. We are there to do the job with the same care you’d give it. Do you need easy-to-understand, easy-to-use reports and financial statements to support your business plans? We can help! Do you dread scheduling inspections? We don’t and we are happy to take care of them in the most professional manner. Is rent collection a nightmare and so are the legal steps you might need to take now and then? Leave them to us! Does annual financial statements and budgeting sound like a though job? We don’t mind it at all! Hoping to increase the value of your property? Let us help with marketing and advertising and see your property growing in value as we work. Whatever your expectations, we are here to exceed them. We believe in nothing less than excellence!

Project Management

A highly motivated team of project managers is happy to put their time and skills at work for you. Our professionals have a diverse background and a wealth of experience in helping business owners develop their dreams, so you are one step closer to making your projects happen. Our team are able to manage medium and large scale capital and to support you at all stages of the project, from planning, designing and budgeting to appraisals, execution and stakeholder engagement.

Just as much as you, we are aware of the importance of minimising risks when it comes to large projects and we proud in being able to manage thousands of tenants and thousands of locations across Canada. Our expertise, professionalism and passion for working with people make us the right choice for you and your business. If you don’t want to settle for anything less than excellence, get in touch!


Prime Canadian is a reputed real estate investment trust with a huge portfolio of happy clients in the retail business. Managing hundreds of retail properties, some still under development, is part of our daily job. We are a large team of highly dedicated individuals and we want the best for our clients. If you decide to invest with us, you decide to partner with the best. We aim to help our unitholders increase their cash distribution in a steady and reliable manner. Hundreds of shopping centres benefit already from doing business with us and the list is quickly expanding.